Best Screenplay Nominee - Anne - Marie Hess

Good After Bad

Year: 2017 | Country: United States | Duration: 93 Minutes

Filmmaker: Anne - Marie Hess

Introduction: Anne-Marie Hess has written such films as Good After Bad, Britney Ever After,
and Perfect High. Anne-Marie Hess is an alumnus of the New York University Film Program, and recently wrote and directed her directorial feature debut, GOOD AFTER BAD, which stars Billy Burke (TWILIGHT), Maddie Hasson (I SAW THE LIGHT), And Melora Walters (MAGNOLIA), and is scheduled for release in 2018.  Hess is an accomplished film and television professional with over ten years of experience in the business and has a background in directing, editing, and writing. Her first short film, BEAUTIFUL DAY was a semi-finalist for a Student Academy Award.  Her second short film, THE SPEED OF LIGHT, won awards at both the South By Southwest Film Festival, and Hamptons International festival; and screened at Edinburgh International Film Festival, Viennalle International Film Festival, and numerous others. Previously, Hess wrote the TV movie Britney Ever After, for the Lifetime Network. Hess recently wrote for THE SON, a one hour drama on AMC, starring Pierce Brosnan.

Synopsis: “The film follows the relationship between a bullied student, Shelly, whose home life
is in shambles, and a wealthy eccentric, Wes, with no friends and issues with women. Things
take a turn when Wes offers to become the teen’s guardian.