Best Short Nominee - Bullies


Year: 2017 | Country: United States | Duration: 27 Minutes, 40 Seconds

Filmmaker: Daniel Bydlowski

Daniel is an award winning filmmaker and virtual reality artist. Daniel was
internationally recognized after his undergraduate short animation "Ticket for
Success" received awards and was selected by several festivals in 2008, such
as Comic Con's San Diego’s International Children’s Film Festival and
AnimaMundi. The success of the film led to his master degree at the University
of Southern California, where he had the opportunity to work with great directors
and researchers such as Mark Jonathan Harris and Marsha Kinder, developing
projects that were not only shown on the big screen, but also in museums. He
also writes about film for important newspapers and magazines in Brazil. Always
attempting to bring awareness to social issues such as those connected to
health, bullying and the so-called digital revolution, Daniel is currently doing his
PhD at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he focuses on new
media and virtual reality as the future of cinema.


Synopsis: Wanting to escape his bullies at school, young Eugene falls into a world where the bullied have remained hidden in the shadows, for decades at a time. But this new reality free of bullies is not as pleasant as it seems and Eugene must find his way back to those he loves.