Best Animation Nominee - Nachthexen


Year: 2017 | Country: Denmark | Duration: 8 Minutes, 12 Seconds

Filmmaker: Julie Herdichek Baltzer

Julie Herdichek Baltzer (1991) is an animator, production assistant and director from Copenhagen, Denmark. She is trained as a character animator at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark but has interned as a production assistant at Pipangai, (FR). The past year she has been directing her bachelor film ‘Nachthexen’ as well as animated, story- developed and edited. In the future she would like to work on the production-side of features and series. And further along she would like to direct her own films and projects. She is also interested in editing and story-developing.

Synopsis: An elderly, soft-spoken veteran recalls when she joined the Soviet Air Force’s first all-female bombing squad. She reminisces about her friend Katja, and how they made the best of their antique equipment, struggled with being ostracized from their male comrades, and earned the fearful German nickname & 'Nachthexen'.