Best Documentary Nominee - Tribal Justice

Tribal Justice

Year: 2017 | Country: United States | Duration: 87 minutes

Filmmaker: Anne Makepeace

Anne Makepeace has directed such films as “Tribal Justice” and “Rain in a Dry
Land”. She also produced and wrote “Tribal Justice”. She stated that The awesome judges
featured in Tribal Justice inspired her with their passion for justice, their long view of what it
takes to create change, and their dedication to saving their culture and their people, not to
mention their serious cool.  The two strong, indefatigable American Indian women, both chief
judges in their tribal courts, are forging innovative justice systems in order to keep their people
out of prison, prevent children from being taken from their communities, and stop the school-to-
prison pipeline that plagues their young people.  Their justice is personal, dedicated, harking
back to age-old traditions to help tribal members live in the modern world, and modeling
restorative justice in action.”

Synopsis: “Two formidable Native American women, both chief judges in their tribe’s courts,
strive to reduce incarceration rates and heal their people by restoring rather than punishing
offenders, modeling restorative justice in action.”