Best Editing Nominee - We’ll Get Back to You

We'll Get Back to You

Year: 2018 | Country: United States | Duration: 102 Minutes

Filmmaker: Vedat Ergin and  Doga Can Anafarta

Doğa Can Anafarta was born on the 15th of December 1987 in Ankara, Turkey.  While living abroad
as a child he began to watch movies as a tool for learning foreign language. In time this process
became the origin for his love of film and growed in to professional curiosity.  In 2004 began studying Cinema and Tv in Anadolu University. As an university student he made 4 amateur long features and many short films. In his sophomore year he transferred to Bilgi University in İstanbul and graduated in 2009. With his first professional movie ‘Mezuniyet’ which was released in 6th of
November 2009, he became the youngest Turkish director to ever release a theatrical film. Since
then he continued his work in production field, and worked as a Content Manager in a distribution
company for two years. He wrote and directed ‘Mihrez’ in 2015 and ‘Alamet-i Kıyamet’ in 2016. With his last movie ‘Biz Size Döneriz’ ; he went back to directing comedy-drama genre.