Best Cinematography Nominee - We’ll Get Back to You

We'll Get Back to You

Year: 2018 | Country: United States | Duration: 102 Minutes

Filmmaker: Doga Can Anafarta

Mehmet Başbaran was born in 1971 Kocaeli - Turkey. He spent his early education in Ankara
and completed high school in İzmir. In 1995 he graduated from Ankara University with a Radio-Cinema and Tv scholar.  The year he graduated, he started an intern in TRT and later that year became a cameraman in ODA PRODUCTION company. After 2004 he started working as Steadicam operator, technocrane operator, phantom operator and eventually as a cinematographer for film production and shooting commercials.

Synopsis: “The only cure of being joblessness, unhappy and hopelessness is friendship, life is
beautiful together.”